Postdoctoral research position: Personalized cancer treatment using RNA-lipid nanoparticles_UNAV


Project: Personalized cancer treatment using RNA-lipid nanoparticles /TERAPIA BASADA EN NANOTRANSPORTADORES DE RNA PARA EL TRATAMIENTO DEL CANCER (NanoRC)

Focus of the project:

The project, in collaboration with several research centers, companies and hospitals, focuses on personalized cancer treatment taking as a model the multiple myeloma. To do this, based on the genomic-transcriptomic information of the patient, custom specific siRNAs will be generated and delivered into nanoparticles.

Application Requirements:

• PhD in an appropriate discipline (Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedical Engineering…).

• Experience in nanoencapsulation, cell cultures and animal studies will be highly acknowledged

• Good writing and presentation skills.

• High level of English.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to: Prof. María Blanco-Prieto (

DEADLINE: January 20TH, 2023

Actualizado: 22.12.2022