Benefits of joining SEFIG

You can obtain the following benefits from SEFIG membership:

  • Free registration at the Scientific Meetings and Scientific-Technical Seminars organized by SEFIG.
  • Reduced registration fee for the congresses organized by SEFIG.
  • Reduced registration fee for congresses and activities organized by EUFEPs.
  • Reduced or free registration for activities organized by SEFIG for Master’s and PhD students supervised by SEFIG members.  
  • Access to teaching resources in the area of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology provided by the Society.  
  • Access to information about research on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology nationwide.  
  • 10% discount on publication fees for articles in the journal Pharmaceutics (ISSN 1999-4923). 
  • Opportunity to use the platform for organizing SEFIG congresses, and other congresses. Both SEFIG itself and its members can use this platform free of charge, as long as the event is self-organized.
  • Networking with teachers and researchers in the area of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology.
  • Networks between members, to promote relations between Industry and the University world, particularly Research Groups.

Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Five Company representatives can attend SEFIG events and take advantage of the discounts and benefits offered to members. These 5 representatives can vary from one event to another: this flexible approach maximizes the number of people within one Company who can benefit from SEFIG activities.
Actualizado: 11.06.2021