Mission and vision


- To contribute to the professional, teaching and research advancement of its members through the exchange of knowledge, skills and methods.

- To analyse and discuss the problems that its members have in common and to propose possible solutions.

- To promote the necessary critical reflection on the problems arising in industrial pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology, in the different professional fields.

- To actively collaborate with national and international associations with overlapping or parallel aims.

- To promote cooperative and mutualist movements among its members.

- To promote all those measures and actions that facilitate the communication of activities and research in the fields of industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology and related sciences.

- To support all those measures leading to the human and professional enrichment of its members and of society in general. 




A Society that brings together pharmacists and other graduates who carry out research and development activities, manufacturing and quality control, teaching or research in the fields of pharmaceutical technology, biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacy, dermopharmacy, pharmaceutical care and related areas, linked to the pharmaceutical industry, university teaching centres or health institutions.

Actualizado: 07.07.2020